Kimberley Dahme Live!

Mission of Truth Poker Run Ride for Charity
Moonshine Harley Davidson

Cool Springs Mall, Franklin, TN
12:00-4:00pm (Local)

with Special Guest, Roy Barberri

Don’t miss this special performance for a charity to help endangered children in Haiti

Performance is FREE TO THE PUBLIC

Tickets for the Ride can be purchased at the link below:



Kimberley Dahme is an accomplished singer-songwriter, guitarist and bassist based in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a prolific songwriter and lends her craft to teach and share her love for music with children whenever she can.

Kimberley regularly records and performs, so keep checking here for new announcements!

For more about Kimberley’s journey in music, scroll down this page.


Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Photo by One Wing Photography
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Photo by One Wing Photography
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Photo by Gary Welling
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Photo by The Pepper Festival & Hot Sauce Expo
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Photo by One Wing Photography
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Photo by Gary Welling
Official Site of Kimberley Dahme
Photo by One Wing Photography



Kimberley discusses her album “You Make Me Believe” (2009)


Kimberley’s music video for her song “Take Your Guitar When You Go” (2012)


Kimberley performing her song “With You” with Boston at the U.S. Cellular Pavilion in Gilford, New Hampshire (2004)



Kimberley Dahme was born on April 22 in San Pablo California. She grew up in various rural towns in Central and Southern California. She started her musical training at an early age. She vividly remembers singing at age 3. She began singing lessons before she could read.

“My brother and I took piano lessons and I’ve been hooked on music ever since. The first song I learned was ‘Jesus Loves Me’.”

At age 7, Kimberley sang in public for the first time with folk singer Larry Love at a Straw Hat Pizza Parlor in Pinole, CA. She sang songs like “Row Your Boat Ashore” for pizza and orange soda.

“I’d start singing along when he (Larry Love) was playing campfire songs, so one day he pulled me up on stage. I was thrilled that people seemed to like my singing.”

Kimberley started to play the flute in 3rd grade and began playing the guitar in 6th (“I couldn’t play the flute AND sing!”). She was a bit of a closet guitar player and that is when she began writing songs – for her best friend.

Prophetically, Kimberley was lead singer in a Boston cover band in 5th or 6th grade (“Because no one else could sing the high notes!”). The band never played outside of a few neighborhood garages. At age 13, Kimberley performed at a Feed the Children benefit.

Always athletic and a bit of a tom boy, Kimberley was tall for her age and competed head on with the boys. She loved being on the swim team and played basketball in college. She still holds the rebound record at her school but music was her first love.

Kimberley took music classes throughout high school (she remembers her high school vocal coach, Pollie Vashe, with much affection) and college. She performed in choirs and musicals during that time.

Kimberley sang opera while a student at CSU Stanislaus and even toured Europe singing in opera productions with her college choir. She remembers singing in incredible European cathedrals – some lined with gold. She sang a solo with over 75 backup singers!

Kimberley and two friends did the National anthem as an a cappella trio at a sporting event and she was on the “You Can Be a Star” TV show.


At age 19, Kimberley played in her first real band – a country band named Satin & Blue Jeans (she was Satin) out of Turlock, CA. She was the lead singer and played some guitar.

In college, Kimberley took classes for Radio/TV announcing to overcome shyness. That led to a brief career in voice over work. Kimberley did commercials for companies like Toyota, Wrangler Jeans and Pontiac in the Modesto, CA area.

After college, Kimberley began singing and playing acoustic guitar in bars and clubs to make a living (“Sometimes I was singing behind chicken wire.”). This necessity forced her to build her confidence to sing on stage and to learn a lot of material (“I had to learn a lot of songs…very quickly.”).


In the early 1990s, Kimberley travelled to Nashville, TN (“I’ve always wanted to live in Nashville for the music and it felt like home as soon as I arrived.”). She did a radio show which led to a TV show (“You Can Be a Star”) which led to her moving to Nashville. It was at this time that Kimberley began prolifically writing songs (“I was being pitched songs and thought – ‘I can write songs better than these!'”).

Once she moved to Nashville, Kimberley won a spot on the “Nashville New Faces World Tour”. From this tour and her college choir tour, Kimberley won many friends and fans in Germany. She’s been back to Germany many times to perform.


In 2000, Kimberley toured with Grammy award-winning artist and producer Tom Hambridge on his “Balderdash” tour. It was during this tour that she caught the eye of Boston’s Tom Scholz during a performance at Sitting Bull in Maynard, MA.

Scholz was there to scout a new drummer for Boston, but was impressed with Kimberley’s singing. He asked her if she could play bass and without hesitation, she said, “No, but I can learn!”. Kimberley ran out and bought a used bass guitar at a pawn shop and began playing. After a couple of months, she called Tom who brought her in for an audition. Needless to say, she won the coveted spot in the band. A few months later, Kimberley was performing on stage with Boston at the Fiesta Bowl (January 01, 2002) in front of 80,000 fans and millions of TV viewers around the globe.

“My mom always said, ‘You’ve got to follow your dreams!’.”

Scholz liked Kimberley’s songwriting so much that he included her song “With You” on Boston’s “Corporate America” album (November 2002). She had recorded it as a one-take voice and guitar demo but Tom loved her performance so much that he just added a few backing tracks and it went on the album.

Many tours with the band made her one of the fan’s favorites and a stand out example for women who ROCK. Kimberley can be heard singing backup and lead on Boston’s album “Life, Love & Hope” (December 2013) and toured (her last one with the band) in 2014 in support of the album.

Kimberley can be heard singing on the annual holiday favorite Boston’s “God Rest Ye Gentlemen” song that makes its rounds every Christmas season.


In 2005, Kimberley released her first solo album “Let’s Sleep on it Tonight” featuring the fan favorite song, “Welcome to the Locker Room”.

In 2009, Kimberley released “You Make Me Believe” which features her song “With You”.

In 2017, Kimberley released two singles, “What Child is This” and “Lucy Lu”. She was also featured on Wayne Givens’ single “It’s Time”. Each of these singles are available to listen to on Spotify (click song title).

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